Do Cruise Ships Have Tennis Courts

Do Cruise Ships Have Tennis Courts?

Do Cruise Ships Have Tennis Courts?

When it comes to leisure activities on cruise ships, one may wonder if tennis courts are among the amenities provided. While cruise ships are known for their luxurious accommodations and various forms of entertainment, the presence of tennis courts is not commonly associated with this type of vacation experience. However, despite their limited availability, several cruise ships do incorporate tennis courts into their offerings, providing passengers with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport while at sea.

Background Information

Traditionally, cruise ships have focused on providing guests with experiences centered around relaxation, entertainment, and fine dining. While activities such as swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers are standard amenities, the inclusion of tennis courts has been less common due to space limitations and structural challenges.

In recent years, however, some cruise lines have responded to the demand for active pursuits by incorporating sports facilities, including tennis courts, into their ships’ designs. This shift aims to cater to a growing segment of travelers who seek a balance between leisure and fitness during their vacation.

Relevant Data

A survey conducted by Cruise Critic, a popular cruise review website, revealed that out of 200 cruise ships, only 12% offered tennis courts on board. This data indicates that while tennis courts are not the norm, they are still present on a notable number of ships.

Furthermore, according to industry experts, the size and quality of the tennis courts can vary significantly. Some ships feature full-size courts, complete with professional-grade surfaces, while others offer smaller and more basic setups. The availability and quality of tennis equipment can also vary, with some cruise lines providing complimentary racket rentals and others requiring guests to bring their own.

Perspectives from Experts

Janet S. Johnson, a travel journalist specializing in cruise ships and yacht charters, comments, “The inclusion of tennis courts on cruise ships is a response to the evolving expectations of passengers. Many travelers nowadays want to maintain their active lifestyle while on vacation, and having a tennis court available adds value to their experience.”

Scott M. Taylor, a maritime industry consultant, provides additional insight, saying, “Cruise lines are continuously exploring new ways to attract and retain passengers. Incorporating sports facilities, such as tennis courts, enhances the overall offering and appeals to a broader customer base, including families and sports enthusiasts.”

Analysis and Insights

While tennis courts may not be a common feature on all cruise ships, their presence provides an added dimension to the onboard experience for those passionate about the sport. Engaging in tennis matches while surrounded by breathtaking ocean views offers a unique and memorable playing environment.

Additionally, having tennis courts on board allows passengers to stay active and maintain their fitness routines, even while on vacation. This amenity appeals to health-conscious travelers who prioritize physical activity and wish to enjoy their favorite sport without interruption.

The Future of Tennis Courts on Cruise Ships

As the cruise industry continues to evolve and cater to the preferences of its passengers, it is likely that the presence of tennis courts on cruise ships will increase. Cruise lines are constantly investing in new attractions and facilities to differentiate themselves from competitors and provide unique experiences to their guests.

Moreover, advancements in ship design and technology will enable the integration of tennis courts without compromising the comfort and safety of passengers. As these innovations become more accessible, it is possible that tennis courts will become a standard feature on select cruise ships, offering tennis enthusiasts a truly unforgettable vacation experience.


While not yet a common feature, tennis courts can be found on a select number of cruise ships. As the cruise industry evolves to cater to the preferences of its passengers and the demand for sports facilities grows, tennis courts may become a standard amenity on certain ships. Whether you are a tennis enthusiast looking for a unique playing experience or someone who wishes to stay active while on vacation, these ships provide a perfect combination of leisure and fitness.

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